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April 24, 2023
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There is a Better Way

There is a Better Way

Sometimes inspiration for a bit of writing comes from Twitter. Today is such a day. However today is unique in that two sources of inspiration led to this bit of writing.

The first bit of inspiration came from this post. Essentially England’s chief economist, a fellow by the name of Hugh Pill, declared that England’s workers should stop demanding higher wages. In fact they should just accept that they are poorer, and that their standard of living is worse than it was before.

After thoroughly reading the article, I noticed that Mr. Pill did mention that the rising cost of energy was partly to blame for the state of the English citizen. I did not however notice him mention that this is the fault of England’s leaders. Curiously enough I did not see him assign any blame to the people who are in charge of his government. Imagine my surprise when I did not see him blame England’s central bank either.

Did you pick up on the sarcasm?

Basically this bellend (I love the swear words of the English) was quite content to publically shit all over the pain of the people, but clearly has no interest in being honest about the cause of their problems. I mean, surely the people are still working as hard as they were before everything became so expensive. Logic dictates that there must be a reason why their labor cannot afford the same goods that they could previously afford.

So that got me thinking a bit. The US is in the same predicament, which is to say I am in the same predicament. My bride and I watch our finances buy less and less in real time. The money left over at the end of the month just isn’t as much as it was even 6 months ago. Oddly enough, because I have been involved with crypto for so long, I am quite accepting of this reality. I anticipated it even. At some point, if you spend enough time immersed in Bitcoin, understanding the reality of fiat currency is going to be a given.

My next thoughts were along the lines of how do normies cope with this reality? For me, Bitcoin acts as a sort of life raft to survive the inevitable collapse of the Federal Reserve fractional reserve banking ponzi. Most normies don’t give the first thought about how their money works. They certainly notice that it isn’t going as far, right? Surely they understand that the things they need are more expensive than they were. What else? Perhaps enough normies still labor under the delusion that the people in charge are competent, or that they will somehow get bailed out.

My Second Thought

Much later in the day I had occasion to listen to a great Twitter Space put on by the Bitcoin Art Collective. They were essentially talking to artists about what they are working on, and what the Bitcoin Art Collective is about in general (definitely check them out). It was during this space that I noticed a theme.

Crypto/web3 is the means by which so many artists have been given the opportunity to live their dream, and earn money. Whether you are a Bitcoiner or Eth Maxi, it is undeniable that this technology has empowered people to be who they are meant to be. Does the normies fiat do this?

I mean I guess the dream that fiat sells you is something along the lines of: take on a bunch of debt so that you can get a degree, and then spend the rest of your life taking on more debt while trying to pay it all off. Perhaps it’s my inner Bitcoiner speaking, but that sounds like a shit deal.

Closing Thoughts

The fact is that Bitcoin is a better way. People should not have to work harder and longer for less. People should be able to afford to save for a rainy day. A house should not cost 30 years of labor. This entire system is not broken, it is simply designed to benefit the few at the expense of the many. The fiat system is dying, but don’t worry, they have every intention of replacing it with a system that still…..you guessed it, benefits the few at the expense of the many.

We don’t have to live this way. How much of your income do you have to surrender by threat of force before you become a slave? How much of your income do you deserve to have taken from you via inflation before you become a slave? This system is oppressive, and so brilliantly designed that most people don’t understand why this is the case.

Meanwhile, in the early days of crypto we see people already embarking down the path to a more fulfilling life. We see the burgeoning Bitcoin economy being built, and marvel at the possibilities with hope for the future. We have the better solution, unlike Mr. Pill who just simply tells the people to shut up and stay poor.

Understand that these jackals are not going to give up the golden goose without a fight. If there was any doubt to be had, we are clearly at the “now they fight you” stage of crypto adoption. We must persevere, we must educate, and we must use our superior money to fight these bastards to the bitter end. To say that the future of mankind depends on it is factually true despite being cliche. We have the weapon, and We Are Ready.

That's all I have to say for now, thanks for reading. Until next time, Jack.

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