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April 19, 2023
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Truth Matters

Truth Matters

It's hard to wrap one's head around the state of the world. One of the features of our current day reality is the pathological denial of reality. When you live in a world where “respected organizations/people '' will say with a straight face that a man who believes he is a woman is no different than a biological woman, a few things become apparent.

To get to this point where essentially a media source can say things that are clearly lies, and one can face legal/personal consequences for expressing dissent is not the beginning of the phenomena. No, to get to this point it would seem that I have been lied to for a long time. We are now at the point where compliance with the lie is mandatory. Why? Well, to keep the entire illusion from shattering. I would say this points to us being more towards the end of the phenomena.

What Happened?

Well, I believe this is a hard, if not impossible, question to answer. Overall I think that this has been going on much longer than we realize. A hundred plus years ago as people were tuning into their radio to get the news about the sinking of the Lusitania, did the newscasters bother to tell them all of the facts? That it was carrying weapons during war? That the Germans took out full page advertisements telling the American public that this ship would be targeted? That the ship was built to wartime specs and was not just a commercial vessel? How about the lack of escort by the Royal Navy through a war zone? (there is much more, it's worth reading too). Perhaps if the public knew all of the facts America would have remained neutral in this conflict that has consequences that reverberate to this very day.

What about the JFK assassination? A mass media event that traumatized a nation, much like 9/11 traumatized my generation. We still don’t have all of the facts about either event, yet recent reports indicate that the CIA was involved with both of these.

Speaking of the CIA, it is known that they have agents assigned to media organizations and have for quite some time. The Twitter files recently uncovered a CIA agent in charge of the mass social media censorship campaign surrounding Covid and the Hunter Biden laptop. How many people actually know this?

The fact of the matter is that much of the world has been victimized by weaponized propaganda. What do you know about Edward Bernays anon?

The Problem

Part of the problem is that most of the inhabitants of the West have been raised by the television. The idea that the TV is the trusted source of information is ingrained deep into our psyche. Oddly enough when the internet was adopted by the masses, we knew that we shouldn’t just trust things on the internet. (I wonder if the old timers felt the same way about the radio and the television?) Oddly enough the early days of the internet led to many people learning about things that the television news never mentioned. While the term conspiracy theorist didn’t appear until after the JFK assassination, I don’t recall hearing it used much until those early days of the internet.

As social media became the prevalent way for people to communicate online, it makes sense that the propagandist would put their efforts into controlling the public conversation. While the term conspiracy theorist is still used, more terms have been coined for those of us who question the narrative: climate denier, science denier, racist, extremist, etc.

It is becoming clear to me that in the worst case scenario we can expect this to continue to be the case until the older generations have died out, or until this whole ponzi built on a house of lies collapses.

The Solution

We are watching the solution manifest in real time. Notice the media response to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. One gets the feeling that they are making a mountain out of a molehill, which would be the case if they weren’t bad actors. Their response is quite telling in this regard.

The politicians/bureaucrats' response to Bitcoin is also quite telling. They are attacking now simply because the massive fraud that is fractional reserve banking via fiat currency can only be exposed if Bitcoin/crypto is allowed to freely compete in the market.

In both of these cases we are seeing the individual becoming more empowered. Elon Musk claims that Twitter’s goal is to be the most truthful outpost in the world. If he remains true to his word I believe that we will see Twitter become one of the most valuable companies in existence.

With Bitcoin the honest is baked in. Math is immutable, and as ordinals have demonstrated: Bitcoin is more than the best money ever created. It is a way to secure human records forever. Not only can Bitcoin free us from a system that intentionally creates slavery for the worker, Bitcoin can also be used to free the minds from the establishment’s lies.

Closing Thoughts

The work being done in this space right now is essential. We have found ourselves armed with the technology to dismantle the establishment. I know this sounds radical, but it isn’t. This is simply the logical conclusion that one arrives at when they fully understand Bitcoin. This is also the conclusion that the bankers and their pawns have also arrived at. Understand the stakes, and know that they will fight us as hard as they can. It is in this spirit that I encourage you to stay resolute, you are the descendants of hardy people that survived everything that nature could throw at them. We must insist upon the truth, we must insist upon freedom, and we must not give these bastards one more inch. 

We have the weapon, and We Are Ready. Thanks for reading as always, I don’t have anything else to say for now. Until next time, Jack.




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