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March 04, 2023
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Stacks Feature: Stacks Degens

Stacks Feature: Stacks Degens

The process of interviewing founders, and researching projects so that I can subsequently write about them on Sigle doesn’t really feel like work. That isn’t because it doesn’t take time and effort, because writing about projects does in fact require quite a bit of both. It doesn’t feel like work because its rewarding. I enjoy speaking to builders/founders, learning about the inspiration behind what they do, and then trying to convey their vision and energy to you.

Speaking with BowTiedSirJohnathan.btc, the CEO of Stacks Degens, was the perfect example of why I love doing this. This BowTied fellow and his team are building applications that can only be described as integral building blocks for the digital economy that is being constructed on Bitcoin. So without further ado, lets get to it.

In the Beginning There Were Skeletons Riding Lambos

Stacks Degens released their first collection Miami Degens over a year ago on the Stacks blockchain. This initial collection was followed up with the NYC Degen collection. Both collections provided owners with a play to earn racing game that embraces the web3 vision of putting community first.

BowTiedSirJohnathan and the team believed then as they do now that gaming, or gamefi, represents a massive opportunity for the Stacks blockchain and its builders to capture market share from the impersonal corporations that dominate web2 gaming. They believe in this so strongly that the team has created smart contract templates that will allow for builders within the Stacks community to create their own version of gamefi in accordance with their own vision. Let that sink in. These guys are clearly here for the right reasons, and truly believe in the future of the Bitcoin economy being built on Stacks.

But Wait, There’s More

Not only has the team built ready to use gamefi smart contracts for their own game, as well as others, but they have also been busy building out another much needed application for Stacks. The Stacks Degens team are creating decentralized mining pools for the Stacks ecosystem. Now, some of you already know the importance of bringing decentralized mining to Stacks, but lets break this down for the newer folks.

Mining Stacks requires a good deal of Bitcoin, more than most of us can afford. So this means that there aren’t too many miners in Stacks, and ideally you want to see as many miners as possible. So this is a major problem to solve, because more Stacks miners equals more decentralization. So with a grant from the Stacks foundation this team is developing a major value add to our ecosystem, as decentralized mining pools will make becoming a Stacks miner accessible to any Stacker! This long term vision, and love for the ecosystem is laudable, and evidence that we are most definitely in the right place.

The Bitcoin Degens

On March 10, 2023 the Stacks Degens will be releasing their newest collection, aptly named The Bitcoin Degens. This new NFT collection will feature 1,000 degens with a mint price of 69 STX each. In addition to upgraded graphics, the Bitcoin degens bring a lot more to the table.

Every Bitcoin Degen will be fully customizable, and linked with a human readible BNS name. So while ol Jack is out there on the racetrack schooling you all, you will know its me by my name and my customized degen mobile. In addition to these features, users will be able to compete for BTC and STX prizes, as well as hopefully discover the new loot boxes that contain upgrades for your ride.

So not only has the Stacks Degen team provided the community with some great NFT collections, with utility mind you, and made a massive leap forward in bringing more decentralization to Stacks; but they have also provided yet another means for our community to enjoy the social aspects of Web3 in a fun, and rewarding way.

Anon, if you aren’t bullish on the Stacks community yet….check your pulse.

Closing Thoughts

We are on the precipice of what I believe to be one of the greatest cultural revolutions in the history of mankind. These inflection points don’t come around often, and I believe that we are so fortunate to be alive to not only see how all of this is shaping up; but to have the privilege to do our parts to help make the world a better place.

Decentralization is more than a meme. When we choose to play a game like Stacks Degens has built, we have made a choice to empower ourselves at the expense of vast corporations who only care about the bottom line. Every time we buy Bitcoin we are protesting the unfairness of the central banking system and the tyranny of fiat. Every time we buy/mine STX we are literally helping to usher in a new era.

To have visionaries like the Stacks Degens leading the charge away from the fiat economy to the Bitcoin economy, in our ecosystem, laying the groundwork for future development is a truly beautiful thing.

This was a fun piece to write, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you as always for your support. I don’t have anything else to say right now. Until next time, Jack.

I am going to start including a BTC and STX address in my articles. I am implementing this until Sigle brings the monetary component of the app to fruition. Don’t by any means feel compelled to pay anything, this blog brings me a lot of joy and is my way of contributing to the Stacks ecosystem. If you do enjoy the material and want to contribute, it is certainly appreciated.

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