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March 05, 2023
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We Are Ready

We Are Ready

“ We Are Ready”

by jackbinswitch.btc

From plans drafted on the isle of fright was born a Leviathan of unspeakable might.

Bereft of consent, for no votes were cast, only the will of the wealthy was needed to pass.

The scheme was foolproof, a tax on all. To create wealth for the few at the expense of the small.

As generations passed there grew a slight unease, but the masses still thought themselves free.

The wars were fought, the lies were told. The Leviathan grew, its appetites bold.

We weren’t ready

Near a century passed before it became known ,the game unwittingly played was theirs to own.

The partisans gathered to their own sides, the tea party and occupy simply could not abide.

Political parties disrupted their stand, their messages rendered meaningless to the common man.

The Leviathan survived and its schemes lived on, its greed emboldened by its victorious pawns.

In the electronic shadows was brewed another scheme, a death blow to Leviathan; a people freed.

We weren’t ready

The elegant plan was given to all, a way to slay the beast for those who answered the call

The creators were gone, only their weapon remained. The concept too elegant to appeal to the sane.

The visionaries amongst us knew what they had, and evangelized the world who considered them mad.

A culture was birthed and nurtured by need, the Leviathan laughed and continued its greed.

Beastly hubris remained, its servants toiled to stall, while the weapon grew stronger to prepare for its fall.

We weren’t ready

As time passed their questions grew, for opportunity was gone but for a few.

Servants of the Beast were frightened, how could this be? While the soul of masses yearned to be free.

As the culture grew bolder their numbers increased, more weilded the weapon ready to slay the beast

All of a sudden they learned that the weapon held truth, and could teach the world of Leviathan’s proof

The Mighty Beast shudders, for its end is in sight, the weapon in the hands of the ones ready to fight.

We Are Ready.

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